The Ferguson Harrington Hawkes (FHH) podcast

Join Lynn (Scottish and mouthy) Neil (quiet and brooding) and the one and only Chesney Hawkes (frankly adorable) for chat, live music, temporary epiphanies, and possibly some swearing.

Each episode a different guest joins the unlikely trio to reveal their perspective on life. In return Chesney performs his version of their favourite song. Past guests include Heston Blumenthal discussing the concept of time, Alfred Molina and the cruelty of Alzheimer’s, Leslie Ash and the great lip scandal and Zoe Lyons on why it's vital to have an even number of chickens.

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Behind the scenes

The Ferguson Harrington Hawkes (FHH) podcast is a joint production of:

  • Lynn Ferguson - FERDLE LLC

  • Neill Harrington - Sauce Productions Ltd

  • Chesney Hawkes - Hawkes Productions Ltd

Additional distribution./production provided by Mark Tweddle - FERDLE LLC

We are represented by Janette Linden of PBJ Management.

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The podcast with Lynn Ferguson, Neil Harrington, and Chesney Hawkes.


The FHH Podcast is new. The full name is Ferguson Harrington Hawkes. Ferguson is Lynn Ferguson - Writer, Actor, and Story expert. Harrington is Neil Harrington - DJ, MC, and Sound expert. Hawkes is Chesney Hawkes - Popstar and Music expert.
There can be only one...
Writer/performer/entertainment mongrel. Commis chef at The Scottish chicken in Chicken Run 1 and 2. Pro choicer all the way.
Yeah , right.....