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Damian Kindler - You Would Knit Him A Sweater Too!

Damian Kindler - You Would Knit Him A Sweater Too!

"Being right is the Booby prize." 🎵Maybe I’m Amazed🎵

Series 3 - Episode 5

Have you ever been at a party thinking great thoughts of adventure, and monsters, and inspiration, or discussing the meaning of life and suddenly find yourself being cuddled by some random drunk stranger who tells you how cute you are? You have? Then welcome to the world of Damian Kindler, Writer/Creator/ Director/ Producer, and all-round fantastically talented human.

Damian is perhaps best known for the TV show Sanctuary, but now he can also be known as the reason Neil might leave his cupboard under the stairs to go and visit Canada.

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FHH is a podcast in which hosts, Lynn, Neil, and Chesney, coerce a fascinating human for a proverb or saying they choose to live by. Then, Lynn bullies them into telling an impromptu story, Neil skulks around periodically spouting ‘interesting facts’ and Chesney woos them with his version of their favorite song.


Ferguson Harrington Hawkes Podcast
Ferguson Harrington Hawkes
Join Lynn (Scottish and mouthy) Neil (quiet and brooding) and the one and only Chesney Hawkes (frankly adorable) for chat, music, temporary epiphanies, and possibly some swearing.
Each episode a different guest joins the unlikely trio to reveal their perspective on life. In return Chesney performs his version of their favourite song. Past guests include Heston Blumenthal discussing the concept of time, Alfred Molina and the cruelty of Alzheimer's, Leslie Ash and the great lip scandal and Zoe Lyons on why it's vital to have an even number of chickens.
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